After earthquake in 2001, Hunnarshala researched few techniques for fast redevelopment of the area in Kutch, Gujarat. They first initiated the use of space frame systems for semi-temporary structures in rehabilitation due to its fast construction & cost effectiveness. Later after executing this roof technique in several projects they saw potential in this technique as a permanent roof understructure. They researched on shape and design to make use of these roof understructure techniques in routine construction practices. During this process Hunnarshala realized the complexity of existing method of joints construction used for such structures. To make this process fast and more reliable they modified the joints / junctions which reduced the installation time. They educated the team about the techniques and mentored them to use the same in different projects and encouraged them to start a company which solely provides this technique of roof understructures.

Role of hunnar shala:

Hunnarshala has been involved as the mentor for this team. Hunnarshala is a not-for- profit organization whose basic objectives are

  • To understand the traditional knowledge and validate them through research initiatives and link it with the contemporary application through the local artisans and education initiatives
  • To promote eco-friendly, cost effective and low energy building designs, materials and techniques, which have glimpses of local culture and aesthetics.
  • To work towards environmentally sustainable towns and villages, which promote local management and control, empowerment of the local community and ensure dignified living for citizens by providing basic housing and services.
  • To responds immediately and appropriately to disasters by providing guidance to the affected communities through owner driven construction approaches.

Hunnarshaala, as an organization always supported experiment of new technologies and believed in empowering local artisan community. They gathered the local artisan’s team and educated them with the same technologies. The number of possibilities with this system have been growing and evolving with each project. After being a part of this wonderful journey the artisans finally initiated the company Layers and started doing Rammed earth construction projects on their own.  


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Our Associations

HUNNARSHALA is engaged in developing
technical guidelines for traditional

“Woodgrain- a hand joinery unit”
is a proprietor firm based in Bhuj-Kutch.

Mathachhaj is a partnership firm
which produces and installs thatch roofs

Layers is a partnership firm which
initiates work related to

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