Space frame systems are mainly preferred due to its fast construction process. It is considered as one of the most reliable, cost effective and less complex structure. MS pipe, G.I. pipe can be used as materials which are easily available.  A major advantage of space frame technology is environmental due to the significant reduction in parts and material necessary to construct a structural element which leads to a much less weight of the final product. This simplifies and reduces the cost of transport and use, as well as minimizing energy and resource consumption.


  1. The Space frame is more rigid can take more load than normal trusses
  2. It is earthquake resistant.
  3. It can be built over longer spans without supports in between.
  4. Easy for installing mechanical, electrical services, air-handling ducts etc., within the frame.
  5. The weight of total steel used can be reduced because it can take loads better than conventional frames.
  6. It is resistant to damage by fire, explosion and seismic activity.
  7. It can be used to build buildings with small spans as well. Thus people in areas where wood is scarce can be benefitted.

It can be installed quickly and can be used to build temporary structures as well.


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